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About Raare Solutions

Since 2004, Raare Solutions has provided business advisory services to Global 2000 companies, specializing in Customer Relationship Management platforms and processes, Operational CRM, Marketing Automation, multi-channel message deployments, consumer data analysis.  We are experts in helping our clients build, evolve and execute a full spectrum customer engagement experience.

But let’s get real.  How does Raare Solutions help organizations like yours?

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Over the last two decades, we found that many organizations make substantial – SUBSTANTIAL – investments in CRM and customer engagement platforms. But when it comes to the “operational” side of CRM, the day-to-day tasks that need to be done repeatedly, consistently and above all flawlessly, finding experienced people to use the platform efficiently and effectively can be a challenge. Using seasoned resources can be perceived as too expensive for day-to-day work, and such tasks are turned over to inexperienced associates with little more than a training manual and a manager’s expectation to get the job done.

Year pass, and the organization finds itself frustrated.  Now they are open to looking at a NEW platform, all because of the perception that their multimillion-dollar investment just isn’t delivering as expected.
Maybe that investment in operational expertise was a sensible choice after all.  And that’s where the Raare Team comes in to help.

We bring a pragmatic, process-driven approach at reasonable and sustainable cost to every aspect of marketing operations:

  • Customer journey realization (you conceive it, we’ll craft it)
  • Campaign Design, Execution and Automation (we’ll get it done and done right)
  • Adaptive campaign support (when you need a solution NOW NOW NOW)
  • Performance Evaluation and Support (to measure, refine, renew)
  • CRM, Marketing and Customer Journey Advisory services on every aspect of customer engagement (for conceiving new ideas, developing new strategy, and when needed, campaign and marketing “business therapist”)

We know that in any industry, strategy and planning changes on a dime – or as it may, a tweet or viral post or just the 24/7/365 pace of the world.  Being nimble and practical is critical to meeting challenges and goals.  Doing it right – every time – ensures such changes can be made with trust that your operational team will get the job done.  

This isn’t necessarily the “glamorous” side of CRM and Marketing.  We liken it to shoveling fuel into the furnace – it’s a job that a little messy, not as visible, perhaps not the most exciting (though it is to us!) and above all MUST be performed flawlessly.  And that’s okay with us.  We delight in partnering with the “face” of Marketing and CRM – agencies, CMOs, directors, managers responsible for realizing the organization’s strategy and bringing novel and creative approaches to making it work with the tools and platform you have in place today.

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We specialize in how to build strong, effective, intelligent marketing campaigns with the data you have and the solution you invested in.

We analyze the entire domain of consumer data and overlaying it with your strategy and direction to generate compelling, engaging customer interactions that drive calls to action, awareness, loyalty and acquisition.  We work with our clients to take new steps in next-generation engagement, looking ahead to “what’s next to determine how new audiences will interact with your brand.  

Our success comes from the respect and dignity we grant to the Raare Team members who we are privileged to have join our organization.

We respect their expertise, their dignity, their time, and their commitment to family and community.  We find that this results in passionate and engaged team members who are committed to operational excellence and to our clients.  

Together, our passion to see your CRM, Client Engagement and Marketing Operations done right is as strong as our pragmatism. 

We apply your direction to data, and transform data into direction.

Let the Raare Team help you realize and operationalize your marketing and CRM vision.